5 Zoom Drinking Games To Play During Quarantine

Having a hard time practicing social distancing without going completely mad? Well luckily there’s a lot of ways you can spend quality social time without having to physically be in the same room. So why not turn that Zoom hangout to a Zoom drinking game?

Thanks to video call and chatroom services like Zoom, Skype and Discord it’s easier than ever to connect with other people. So we decided to list some great quarantine drinking games to play over group calls to keep you from going stir-crazy.

#1 Netflix Drinking Games

First thing you’ll want to do here is decide on a show that everyone enjoys. Chances are we’ve already made a drinking game for it! Once everyone comes to a consensus you’ll want to make sure reads out the rules and keeps their drinks nearby. Then everyone should hit play at the same time too keep everything synchronized.

Here’s some great drinking games for Netflix shows:

Those are a few examples but really you can choose any show to watch for your Zoom Drinking Game night.

#2 Online Drinking Video Games

Why not turn that discord chat into a party with some easy drinking rules. Whether you want to push them to the curb with some Mario Kart or shoot them down in a game of Fortnite, we have tons of video game drinking rules to keep the night going.

#3 Group Card Games

This works well if everyone has their own deck of cards they can flip through, but if you wanted to focus on a game that requires everyone to use the same deck you can use one of the great online card flipping apps like Deck.Of.Cards.

For ideas of drinking card games, we have a wide variety in our Drinking Card Games category.

#4 Competitive Cup Games

You don’t need to be in person to play some good old fashion drinking games. You’ll just need to plan this one a little ahead to assure that everyone has all the supplies they’ll need. There are a bunch of games you can play just by watching through the camera like:

#5 Speech Games

Spoken word drinking games would be the easiest Zoom drinking game to pull off, as you wouldn’t anything at all to get it started, just you and a group of friends who are ready to go. There are quite a few spoken word games to choose from, here’s a few to get you started:

No need to get bored or lonely, boot up these games to play during quarantine. Playing Zoom Drinking Games is a sure fire way to get in some much needed socialization. So fire up you computer, grab a drink, and have some fun.

Stay safe