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You’re An Idiot Review. Find Out What Your Friends Really Think Of You.

You’re an idiot is a party card game where players invent stupid scenarios that best describe a certain player in the room. Finally a way to determine exactly why you and all your friends are idiots.

How To Play The Game

First everyone grabs 4 cards of each color to make their hand. There is two types of cards, ones used to start the sentence and others used to end it.

Next a judge is chosen. Much like in other party games like Cards Against Humanity the judge is in charge of picking the funniest card and awarding a point to whoever put it down.

The judge then spins the spinner. Once it’s done spinning whoever it’s pointing at is the idiot of the round. They are the one all the jokes will be directed at.

The judge then lays down a card face up. It’s now everyone else’s job to lay down a card that best fits with that one to try and make a hilarious situation that fits the M.O. of your idiotic friend.

Once everyone is done the judge reads out all the cards and picks their favorite. Whoever’s it was wins a point.

After each round the judge should rotate to keep things interesting and a new idiot is chosen as well.

You’re An Idiot Review

This game is great for a few laughs at everyone’s expense. For those of us into self depreciating humor You’re An Idiot is a great game. Plus rounds go by so quickly that you can play for as long or as little as you want.

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Honestly there aren’t many downsides to this game. It’s simply fun. The creators definitely have a great sense of humor when coming up with some of these cards so this game will definitely be hitting the table again soon.

As is tradition we came up with some drinking rules for those who like to enjoy a few frosty beverages while they play games.

The Chuggernauts’ Drinking Rules

Drink whenever you’re an idiot in general. This includes but is not limited to.

  • Being the idiot of the round from the spinner
  • Playing out of turn or forgetting to draw a card
  • Playing a card that doesn’t make sense to anyone but yourself
  • Zoning out and forgetting who’s turn it is
  • Saying or doing anything idiotic in general

As a general rule of thumb; if you have trouble figuring out if something you did was idiotic it probably was.