Your Guide to Throwing a Roaring 20’s Casino Night

Now that we’re firmly in the 20s once more, there couldn’t be a more perfect time to throw a 20’s themed party. Just for anybody who’s not caught on, we’re talking about the 1920s. It was during this era that casinos were incredibly popular, everybody was listening to jazz and big band music, and the elite were wearing some of the most fabulous clothing around. Party was the name of the game, which is what makes this such a great theme to implement on your next game night. We’ve got some suggestions on the most social card games to choose, how to put on a great 1920s-themed spread, and how to make sure your guests arrive appropriately dressed. So, without further ado, this is how to plan the ultimate roaring 20s-themed casino night.

Start Strong With Your Theme

Your party simply wouldn’t have been taken seriously in the 1920s unless you sent out an enticing invitation, so why not start your theme strong and do the same? Printing out a few invites will cost cents and will allow you to set the tone of your evening before your guests even arrive. Choose an art deco header, inform your guests of all of the usual details such as date and time, and ask them to dress according to the theme. If you want to give them a head start then a peacock feather fascinator, or a long cigarette holder costs cents and makes a nice gesture. With your invitations out, it’s time to start the planning.

Become a Master Croupier

Every good host knows their way around the games that they’re making available to their guests. You need to know the rules inside out, have a few strategies tips up your sleeve, and be able to show even the biggest beginners how to get going with a few of the games on offer. If you’re something of a casino beginner yourself, then getting in a little practice online ahead of time is the simplest way to learn. Starting with the most popular game, online roulette, is a good idea, as it’s super simple to learn the rules, which will give you plenty of confidence when it comes to the harder games. By the time you’re feeling confident with the roulette rules, move on to poker, baccarat, blackjack, or any of the other games that you’re planning to provide. Having a good grounding in the rules is the best way to feel confident on the big night.

Prepare Food and Drinks Ahead of Time

There’s nothing worse than coming to a party and not getting to see the host for the duration because they’re slaving away in the kitchen. It’s certainly nice to offer your guests delicious food and drinks, but you shouldn’t let it be your only task for the evening. Planning and preparing ahead is key to making sure everyone is fed and watered, and that they also get to spend some time with you. Lavish buffets were the order of the day in the 1920s and buffet food is brilliant because so much of it can be prepared well in advance of your guests’ arrival. Devilled eggs, oysters, gougeres’, and the like, are all brilliant options that feel fancy but take minutes to pull together. There’s endless inspiration for the buffet to be found online but work within your means and your culinary capabilities.

One thing that we all enjoy at The Chuggernauts is a good drink and so did the partygoers of the 1920s. A Mint Julep is a classic cocktail that can be thrown together in seconds, bourbon, sugar, crushed mint leaves, and ice are all shaken together and served over shaved ice. It’s super refreshing and you can make a whole jug of the mixture to pour over when your guests arrive. Another classic is the Gin Rickey, which also couldn’t be simpler, just add gin, fresh lime juice, and sparkling water to a glass with ice and serve, some people enjoy a dash of sugar syrup too.

Put Together a Brilliant Playlist

There’s nothing that sets the mood of an evening quite like a brilliant playlist. There are endless premade options on Spotify and YouTube which are perfect if you’re a little pressed for time, but if you’ve got the luxury of an hour or so to spare then putting your own one together is great fun. You can draw inspiration from your favorite 1920s artists, books, movies with brilliant soundtracks and of course, the premade playlists themselves. If you and your friends don’t love the 1920s vibe all of the time, then mix in some songs that you know your friends will love. If you love to dance, stick in some floor fillers, if you’re more of a laid-back chat then you might find that some of the jazz hits make it to your regular playlist.