XCOM Drinking Game

The XCOM Drinking Game - the chuggernauts

This XCOM drinking game works with any XCOM game since they all use a lot of the same features. If you haven’t played it before the XCOM series are tactical RPG games that are pretty well known for being difficult and have really unforgiving perma-death mechanics. So grab a drink and drown those sorrows as you watch that unit you’ve been keeping alive all game get randomly sniped out of existence due to some really unlucky RNG.

What You’ll Need

An XCOM game for any platform and some drinks.


For this drinking game players will play a game as normal in single player. If more players want to play they can always take turns every round. Then players read the drinking rules and drink accordingly whenever any of them come up.

XCOM Drinking Game Rules

Take a sip whenever

  • A Meld unit dissapears (XCOM 1 only)
  • You allow a civilian to die
  • One of your units gets shot
  • You complete construction on a new facility or weapon
  • You miss an overwatch shot
  • You reload

Take two sips whenever

  • You fail a secondary mission
  • You miss a regular shot
  • You complete a research project
  • You use up a grenade of any kind
  • The enemy takes an overwatch shot at you

Take three sips whenever

  • You miss a regular shot when you had over 60% chance of hitting
  • One of your units die
  • You lose a country due to too much panic

Finish your drink if

  • You fail a mission entirely
  • You fail a shot when you have over 90% chance of hitting


The XCOM drinking game is a great way to up the ante and make these devastating misses become even more so. As with any drinking game though please make sure to drink responsibly.