World Cup Russia 2018 Drinking Game

Fifa World Cup Russia 2018 Drinking Game - the chuggernauts

As another always controversial world cup approaches we thought we’d get you settled in with a World Cup drinking game to get you in the mood for some football. This year has already been plagued with some devastating shortcoming like the lack of qualifications from the Italian, American, Dutch and Chilean sides.

This drinking game works with any game at all during the world cup so just pick your favorite match and grab a drink.

What You’ll Need

Any world cup match and some drinks.

World Cup Russia 2018 Drinking Game Rules

These drinking rules will be broken up into a couple sections; Presentation and Gameplay. Basically everyone will be drinking for the presentation rules such as an overuse of slow-motion. Then for the gameplay drinking rules people pick their favorite team to win the game and drink whenever they mess up.

Presentation Drinking Rules

Drink once whenever

  • There’s a slo-mo shot that really didn’t need to be slow-mo. Such as a player drinking water or yelling at the ref.
  • There’s a close up on someone famous in the crowd.
  • A players age is mentioned.
  • The announcer mentions that this is some players first world cup appearance.
  • The crowd starts a chant.
  • There’s a shot of the world cup trophy. (This only counts for actual shots of the trophy, but if you want to up the ante you can include all cutaways and logos that include the trophy).

Gameplay Drinking Rules

Drink once whenever

  • Your team concedes a penalty
  • Your team concedes a corner kick
  • Someone on your team gets a yellow card
  • The opposing teams keeper makes a save

Finish half of your drink whenever

  • Someone on your team gets a red card
  • Your team gets scored on
  • Your team concedes a penalty shot (So this would be a full drink if they score it)

At the end of the game everyone who bet on the losing team must finish a full drink or take a shot.


Our World Cup Russia 2018 Drinking Game is a great reason to crack a few beers and get into the spirit of the world cup. If this game seems a bit too heavy feel free to remove some of the rules, after all due to timezone differences this might fall at a very awkward time to be getting sloppy-drunk. Please drink responsibly.