Wolf of Wall Street Drinking Game

The Wolf of Wall Street Drinking Game -

The Wolf of Wall Street Drinking Game is a great way to enjoy some rich people getting messed up while getting a little tipsy yourself. This movie is a crime-comedy film follows the memoire written by Jordan Belfort. It basically is a couple hours of Belfort drinking, doing cocaine and making boat loads of cash in the process.

This film is an alarming look at the life of some of the filthy rich. There’s very few scenes where someone isn’t messed up on every drug under the sun while running million dollar businesses. Martin Scorsese does a great job blending drama and humor to make this one of the most entertaining films out there.



The movie The Wolf of Wall Street and drinks


Players will be drinking for all the vulgarity, drugs and sex in the movie. As well as chugging for as long as people are chanting something. If that’s not enough there’s also a hard mode where players will drink for every curse word used.


The Wolf of Wall Street Drinking Game Rules

Drink every time someone

Drinks alcohol

Snorts cocaine

Mentions Qualudes

Is seen having sex

Someone answers the phone

Belfort loses his temper and screams

Someone flips someone off

Chug your drink for as long as people are chanting


Hard Mode

Drink every time someone swears. This is basically every sentence since this is pretty much the opposite of a family friendly film.


The Wolf of Wall Street drinking game can be pretty hefty since pretty much all of these rules come up multiple times throughout the film. Plus there’s quite a few chanting scenes. If for some reason that isn’t enough the hard mode allows players to kick it up a notch and turn this into one of our heaviest drinking games to date. Just remember it’s only a game and if you’re feeling like you’ve drank enough you should take a break.