Because Why Not. Here’s A Zork Drinking Game.

Zork was a classic old pdp-10 game from all the way back in 1977. It was a old school text based adventure where you input commands like “go east” or “examine mailbox” and run around and explore. In today’s world it’s good to step back once in a while and play the games that inspired the massive video game industry like this one.

Our zork drinking game is pretty simple. For the most part you’ll just be drinking for all the times the game tells you that it doesn’t know what you’re saying. Which is very frequent until you get the hang of it. From there you’ll just need to take a sip whenever some main game events come up.

What You’ll Need

First you’ll need the means to play the game Zork 1.

Follow this link to play it free online at

Now just grab a drink and follow the easy drinking rules. If you want you can play with multiple people and just take turns between every command.

Zork Drinking Game Rules

  • The game doesn’t understand your command and says “i don’t know the word “____” ” take a sip.
  • Whenever the game prompt mentions a direction (north, west, south or east) take a sip.
  • Whenever you salvage a new item give out a sip to another person playing. (If you’re the only one playing take a sip yourself for being a sad person).
  • If the game tries to crack a joke at your expense take two sips.
  • If you die you must finish what’s left of your drink.

The Zork drinking game is a great way to relive these classic games while getting a good buzz on in the meantime. There’s a good amount of trial-and-error if you’re not too familiar with this style of game. Please always remember to drink responsibly.