Whizz Boing Bounce Drinking Game Rules

If you’re goal is to get confused and end up drinking than the Whizz Boing Bounce drinking game will do the trick. The game revolves around passing around an imaginary ball and making noises to determine who goes next. Depending which you choose “Whizz”, “Boing” or “Bounce” determines who goes next and in which direction. Anyone who messes up has to drink as consequence. This game works best with a large group of people, around 6 or more should work fine.

This game also has a few different names depending who you talk to such as “Whizz Boing Bonk” or “Whizz Bang Boing”. They all play the same though so don’t worry.

What You’ll Need

An invisible ball and some drinks.

Whizz Boing Bonk Drinking Game Rules

The tough part about this game is remembering who’s turn it is to make a noise. The game starts with one of the players saying “The game is Whizz Boing Bonk and the direction we’re starting in is left/right”. (They choose which direction.) They now must point in whichever direction they chose at the closest player and say “Whizz”.

Now that player has to pretend to catch an imaginary ball and hold it. From here they can say one of three things to determine who goes next.

  1. Saying “Whizz” means they pass the ball to the next player in the same direction. This is the easiest option. This must be accompanied by pretending to lob the ball to the next player.
  2. Saying “Boing” continues play in the same direction but it skips a player. This is accompanied by throwing one’s arms above their head.
  3. Saying “Bounce” reverses play back in the other direction. This is accompanied by putting both arms in front of their face to pretend they’re making a wall to bounce the ball back.

If at any point someone messes up the Whizz Bang Bounce drinking game by doing the wrong action, acting out of turn, taking too long to take their turn, etc… then they lose and must take a big swig of their beverage.