4 White Wines To Enjoy During The Winter Season

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The common knowledge or norm goes, drink red wine in the winter, and drink whites in the summer. And this thinking or belief isn’t without a concrete reason. More often than not, red wines have higher levels of tannins and alcohol compared to white wines, thus, making them feel extremely heavy or weighty for the summer.

On the other hand, it seems as if white wines were made for the hot weather because of its delicate and refreshing sensation. However, several white wines can be your perfect winter friend.

Although they usually are set aside for the summer season, now, they’re getting recognized for whatever they can provide to the winter table. It turns out that white ones can be as excellent in winter as the red wines we have been typically reaching for. In this article, we’ve rounded up four white wines you can drink when it is cold outside. Read on!

Gruner Veltliner Wines 

Gruner Veltliner was once deemed as a mysterious grape is getting more recognized and acknowledge locally. Also, many non-conventional wine regions are growing this kind of grape. However, the best samples are still produced in Austria, its traditional habitat.

Consider this grape as a cousin of an austere Riesling, producing a sweet, pleasant smell and spicy, yet much crisped than its German counterpart. The main fruit flavors in Gruner Veltliner Wines are grapefruit, lemon, and lime.

Additionally, there’s an herbaceous and green flavor that’s usually described or identified as white pepper, which is often notable and perceptible in the nose. But what makes this wine appropriate and unique for the winter season is its trademark vein of acidity.

On first taste, it will feel like an electric shock. Since Gruner Veltliner Wines are crisp, they’re perfect with richly flavored foods. Although these wines pair with traditional Austrian food such as pan-fried veal or lamb kidneys, it is ideal for Asian flavors, as well.

What’s more, Gruner Veltliner is among the few wines that pair well with challenging vegetables like grilled asparagus and artichoke. Additionally, it can match excellently with most types of meats, which include paté, pork chops, chicken, kidney, turkey, plus, it is good with oily, fatty fish.

Palacio de Fefiñanes Albariño 2017

In the very best sense, this white wine smells like the sea. Lemon zest, oyster shells, only the minimal hint of flowers in the background, maybe some grass or warm hay. Indeed, it is a luscious expression of the wine.

Each sip of Palacio de Fefiñanes Albariño 2017 is nervy with acidity and concentrated, exhibiting a stratified mid-palate that brings or conveys flavors of mineral and hard stone fruit. All of these flavors linger through the almost briny, long finish.

Chardonnays From the Chablis Area

This region is found in Burgundy’s northwest corner that produces its very own unique style of chardonnay. Take note that Chardonnays from this region are almost unoaked because most wine producers here use stainless steel instead of oak barrels.

Thus, producing a wine with a crisp backbone yet full-bodied. Most Chardonnays from this region showcase a lively and long finish because of high acidity. What’s more, a lot can be flinty and stony.

Moreover, Chablis wines are slightly saline and taut, with dry flavors and hints of pear and citrus. But you will not get any vanilla or butter taste from these wines because oak aging is not employed.

The best food pairing for these wines are scallops, clams, cod, halibut, bass, trout, quail, and chicken. The salinity and high acidity in Chablis wines mean it’ll pair excellently with sushi and raw fish. When it comes to spices, opt for white pepper, fresh herbs, and low-levels of spiciness.


This grape is perhaps the most striking and well-known white wine for the winter season. It provides lavish aromas of fruits like pear, honey crisp apple, apricot, and nectarine. Aside from fruit, you can also smell a striking waxy aroma, lime peel, jasmine, or honeycomb.

Riesling has the same levels of acidity as lemonade, on the palate. Although the off-dry style is the most prominent, some are mainly dry. Spicy food and Riesling make the perfect food pairing, making strong Asian and Indian spices natural pairing for this wine.


To be honest, any of the bottles mentioned in this article would be perfect year-round. However, these white wines seem especially well-fitted to this colder time of the year. So, when the weather gets colder, you can lean to these bottles for comfort.

Additionally, since we consider white wines as a summer drink, they are usually served extremely cold, leaving you with frosted glass. However, it does not cut in the cold season. We recommend to let your wine sit for several minutes out of the refrigerator. In this way, you’ll taste the sharp acidity in the first sip.