Which Horse Racing Game is the Best Right Now?

There are games, and there are horse racing games. But the thing with horse racing games is that there are not many options to choose from, so players are a little limited in their choices. However, once in a while, interesting and realistic game titles are developed, which makes the wait worthwhile.

As such, categorically, it is impossible to say which game title is the best right now. This is because some of these games are so good that there is nothing like choosing only one. So rather than choosing just one, we have provided a list of some of the best games.

And while some of these games are majorly for horse racing, some others integrate other activities like betting options. And others even integrate a detailed career model with a comprehensive schedule, like the one at TwinSpires.

In this write-up, we will look into those horse racing games that are considered gems even up till now. Let’s get in!

The ‘Winning Post’ Series

Topping the list is Winning Post which is considered one of the longest-running horse racing series in the industry. And with each new release, there is a significant improvement both in gameplay and realistic effects displayed in the series.

The Winning Post has been in circulation for 10 years now, with the most recent version released on March 10, 2023. And so far, it is the most detailed the developers have produced, and user reviews sure agree with this. It debuted with great racing tracks, exciting gameplay, and even betting options for players who are also punters.

The developer of the Winning Post Series is Koei Tecmo.

PharLap Horse Racing Challenge

Developed by PikPok and distributed by Home Entertainment Supplies, Pharlap is one of the most popular games out there. It is based on the real-life story of the legendary horse called PharLap. The horse is thus brought back to life with this fun game.

With stunning visuals and realistic gameplay, players get the feeling that comes with acting as a jockey.

And what’s more, the game doesn’t center around horse racing alone! It also takes you into a world of horse breeding, management, and even developing a horse racing empire. And if you wish, you can race against online friends in real-time.

My Little Riding Champion

This is also a game that doesn’t require much fuss. All you do here is saddle up and choose your steed. Once you make this choice, you become responsible for feeding, taking care of, and training the horse.

And you know what the best part is? You can explore the breathtaking landscape while you are at it.

Playing My Little Riding Champion also gives you the chance to race in tournament competitions and get the gold medal if you win. So saddle up and enjoy the fun time this game promises.

My Riding Stables

My Riding Stables is a casual game that does not focus too much on the racing aspect of the sport. Rather, it allows you to choose from several options ranging from racing to breeding to management to taking care of the horse, and many more. And one standout feature of the game is that it gives you over 100 ways to breed your horse which allows for diversity.

In My Riding Stables, what you are required to do is to rebuild the dilapidated riding stable at Mill Creek. With this game, you get to discover what happens behind the scenes in the world of horse racing.

Glory Horse Racing

Glory Horse Racing is for gamers who have no bias against a simple horseracing game. The treasure of this game lies in its simplicity. And with over 200 horses, 24 jockeys, and 9 nations, you get the task of choosing the best combo that would push you to the next level.

The user interface may seem a little too simple to well-seasoned gamers but this is well covered up by the numerous fun features the game offers. One of these features is the ability to build your stables from scratch and manage them. Also, you get to breed your horses and train them to become title-winning champs.

Furthermore, as you move from one level to the other, you unlock new races in higher levels. And you keep on doing this till you reach the highest and most important level called the Glory Race. If you win this, you will get extra prizes for being victorious.


Each of these games has a feature that makes them unique, so it is left to you to find this out. And what better way to find out than playing the game? Don’t wait any longer than you should!