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What’s Your Number Review – A Matter Of Embarrassing Opinions

The What’s Your Number game is a card game made by Player Ten games, the same people who created Search History. It’s very easy to play and understand. The idea of the game is one player is given a questionable action like “Giving money to a beggar” and then everyone has to guess where on a scale from 1 to 100 they would rate that action. Whoever is closest to the correct guess scores a point.┬áThis is a game where you might end up learning a thing or two about your close friends that you might wish you hadn’t especially if you grab the NSFW version that deals with more… adult topics.

How To Play

This is a game where you find out what all your friends think about some sensitive topics. There’s three groups of people in this game that you’ll need to understand in order to play.

  1. The Subject Master – The one that will be giving the initial rating to one of the cards that everyone will try to guess. Be honest now!
  2. The Question Master – The one who will ultimately choose the question that the Subject Master will have to answer. They also get to guess what score the Subject Master will give.
  3. Everyone Else – Everyone else simply guesses what number the subject master will choose after giving one of the possible subjects to the Question Master.

The game starts by choosing a Subject Master. At the start of the game this is whoever took a selfie most recently, after that it alternates clockwise.

Left of the Subject Master will be the Question Master.

Now everyone draws a hand of 5 cards face down from the stack. Once ready everyone except the Question Master gives 1 of those cards to the Subject Master. Try to choose the card you most want the Subject Master’s opinion on.

The Question Master now picks a card for the Subject master to choose. Who chooses a number from 0-100 to show how much they approve of that card. They write this down on one of the pads of paper to make sure they’re not cheating.

Now everyone grabs their player token and places it on the scale board. Starting with the question master and going clockwise. No two players can be on the same space.

Once everyone is done that, the Subject Master reveals their answer. Closest guess gets to keep the card.

This repeats until someone gets 8 cards meaning they win the game.

What’s Your Number Review

This game is a great way to find out what your friends think about some truly dicey topics. I swear I learned more about my close friends within an hour than i ever needed to know. If you’re with the right group of people we suggest trying out the NSFW version since it has some pretty hilarious cards like “Shotgunning a beer in under 10 seconds” or “Going ass to mouth”.

Check Out the NSFW Version Here!

The What’s Your Number card game serves as the ultimate ice breaker. It’s a great way for people to loosen up and share some laughs. Plus if you’re at a party or something like that there’s some great drinking rules included in the instruction booklet such as taking a shot if anyone guesses your number exactly or downing some of your drink whenever you’re the furthest from the mark.