What the Fuck Drinking Game

For the fans of swearing out there, there’s always the What the Fuck drinking game. This is a vocal drinking game in which every player gets a “fuck name” and must chant out other players fuck-names. Any mess up causes a drink.

What You’ll Need

Since this is only a vocal drinking game all you need is your beautiful voice and a drink in your hand.

Before You Begin…

Before the game can start everyone must decide on their “fuck name”. This is basically anything with the word “fuck” after it. Such as “Weird fuck”, “Dirty Fuck”, “Lame Fuck”, “Incandescent Fuck”, etc…

Once everyone has their fuck name someone starts the chant to begin the game. One player says “What’s the name of the game?” and everyone else must say “What the Fuck!”.

What the Fuck Drinking Game Rules

This game is pretty simple but really easy to mess up. First whoever wants to start the game says their fuck name, followed by “what the fuck, how about a” followed by someone else’s fuck name. Then whoever they called does the same to someone else.

For example

Cheeky Fuck : “Cheeky Fuck, What the Fuck? How about a Dirty Fuck?”

Dirty Fuck : “Dirty Fuck, What the Fuck? How about a Lame Fuck?”

This goes on until someone either hesitates too long or messes up the phrase. They have to drink for 5 seconds and then they start the next round.

To keep things difficult players can choose new “fuck names” every round.


The What the Fuck drinking game is easy to play and works with really any number of players as long as there’s at least 3 of them. It’s also not a ton of drinking until the drunken slurring starts to take effect. If you wanted to look for a drinking game that’s a little more complicated we suggest taking a look at the Ship, Captain and Crew drinking game.