Whales Tales Drinking Game

Whales Tales Drinking Game -

As far as vocal drinking games go this one can be pretty confusing at first. But once players get the swing of it, it’s a great time. This is probably one of those games that go along smoother if you start it off before everyone is three sheets to the wind. The Whales Tales drinking game can have any number of players, but works better in larger groups.

Before the game can start someone must be chosen to be “the prince of whales”. They’re in charge of starting the game.

What You’ll Need

After the Prince of Wales is chosen, all players need is some drinks and their imaginations. For the sake of understanding the game, there is the “Prince” and then all other players are the wales.

How to Play Whales Tales

First players sit or stand in a circle. Then the prince of wales utters this phrase.

“Whales Tales, Prince of Wales, somebody stole my tails, I accuse number x

In this case the X represents a number equal to or less than the number of people playing. For example if there is 8 people playing, the number can be anywhere from 1 to 8 inclusive. The player can also say the word “reverse” before the number is said, to reverse the direction in which he is counting.

So to recap if a player says “Whales Tales, Prince of Wales, somebody stole my tails, I accuse 6” that would mean the player he’s accusing is 6 players clockwise of himself. If he had said “I accuse reverse 6” that would mean he’s accusing a player six players counter clockwise to himself.

After the accusation is made, all other players must point at the accused player and say “Drink!”. But, being whales, the players don’t have fingers and must point with their elbows. The accused player must try and say “Nay!” before any other player points at them. If they succeed the accuser must then say “Then who?” and the accused then picks another number and play continues from there like before.

Once someone fails and gets pointed at before they can say “Nay!” they must drink and play stops. A new round now begins with the player to the left of the accused becoming the Prince and doing the rhyme.

Play also stops when anyone messes up, like pointing at the wrong player or pointing without their elbow.


Whales Tales is one of the most confusing vocal games to get the hang of, but it’ll very quickly become easy. It’s not a ton of drinking but it’s very easy to get confused and lose track of what you’re doing, especially when drinking is involved. It’s a great time, we suggest giving it a couple dry practice runs before playing. If you like fast paced word drinking games we suggest checking out Fuzzy Duck.