Watch Hockey, Get Drunk – A Drinking Game For Live Hockey Games

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While we certainly don’t need any extra incentive to have a few beers during a hockey game “Watch Hockey, Get Drunk” by Falling Whale Games is definitely a welcome addition to the hockey watch party.

This party-in-a-box is really two drinking games that you play while watching any live hockey match. The first is a set of drinking cards that you play whenever you notice a specific play in the match, and the second is a flip-and-drink style card game that you can play during intermissions. Both these games combine to ensure everyone has a great time and the drinks keep flowing during the game.

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What Is “Watch Hockey, Get Drunk”?

The game itself is separated into 3 types of cards. Rules, Secret Plays and Intermission.

Rule Cards

These 4 cards are static rules that last for the entire game. They are placed face up somewhere that everyone can see them. These are in play during the entire game and result in players downing drinks if their team loses.

Secret Play Cards

At the beginning of the game each player is dealt some of these Secret Play cards that they must keep secret and play whenever they card says they can. Some are things that happen during the game like “A player gets kicked from a faceoff” or “A goalie leaves their crease” and if you see that action happen you get to order someone else to drink. But be careful, if they’re able to call out exactly what your secret play card is they get to reverse it and make you drink instead. There’s also some fun reversal cards in there that turn drinks back to the giver or effect play in other ways.

Intermission Cards

These cards are to be used in intermissions like between periods or commercial breaks. Basically this deck is separate from the rest of the cards and is an entire flip-and-play drinking game to kill time between periods. To play this game players just take turns flipping the cards and doing what it says, this can be mini-games like table hockey, trivia questions or straight up drinking rules.

This game lasts as long as a typical hockey game, with 3 rounds (or more for OT) of secret play and multiple rounds of the Intermission game in between.

Watch Hockey, Get Drunk Review

The contents of the box were about as expected, a few decks of cards and a little wooden puck that’s used for some of the intermission games. Quality is good, but the real highlight of this game is just how much fun it is to play.

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We decided to try this out during a hockey game that nobody had too much stake in, a playoff game between the Tampa Bay Lightning and Toronto Maple Leafs (Which of course went to overtime and gave us even more playing time). The Secret Play cards were a great way to ensure everyone was glued to the game and looking for their opportunities to dish out drinks and the Intermission Cards made sure we all downed a couple drinks between periods.

One thing I will say is that this is actually a pretty heavy drinking game. The drinking rules will come up a lot, so there’s no pre-gaming necessary. But that can be adjusted by removing a couple rule cards if needed .

Overall “Watch Hockey, Get Drunk” is a great way to spice up a hockey game and make sure everyone is having fun even if their team is getting crushed. The intermission cards make a fun drinking game on their own and turn a usually boring commercial break into something to look forward to. Whether you’re a casual hockey watcher or a hardcore fan, this drinking game is a great way juice up your next watch party.