Wasted War Drinking Game


The Wasted War drinking game takes the classic game of War and adds some simple drinking rules. It’s very easy to follow and play. This game works with anywhere from 2 to 6 players.

What You’ll Need

One deck of cards and some drinks. If you have any jokers feel free to leave those in the deck.

Basic Rules

For those that have never played War before it’s easy to set up. Simply shuffle all the deck and deal out the cards face down to each player, so that each player has roughly the same amount of cards. Then each round every player flips a card and the highest card gets to take all the other ones. Whoever is the last player standing with cards still in their deck wins the game.

On a tie a “War” happens. Each player that tied places 3 cards face down then flips another face up card. Whoever drew the highest value of the new face up cards takes all the cards from the war. The values of the cards go from 2 to Ace (14).

War Drinking Rules

  • Whenever you lose a card take a sip of your drink. This includes multiple drinks when losing multiple cards due to a war.
  • If at any point you flip a 2, drink twice immediately.
  • If you ever flip the jack of clubs, drink five times.
  • If you lose an Ace or Joker in a war, Drink 3 times.
  • If you ever flip a joker, you must drink to determine it’s value. Each sip is +1. So if you want it to be worth more than an Ace you’ll need to drink 15 times.
  • If you lose the last of your cards finish your drink.


This Wasted War drinking game is an easy variant and will require quite a lot of drinking because this card game can last ages. There is an off chance where two jokers have to face off, and the player who drinks the most to up it’s value gets to win both, which can easily get out of hand.