How To Play The Vietnam Drinking Game

Vietnam Drinking Game Rules by

The Vietnam Drinking Game is a game resembling team beer-pong that’s loosely based around guerrilla warfare present in the Vietnam war. This is a team game that can work with any number of players although it plays best with around 6 or 8.

What You’ll Need To Play

A large supply of plastic cups (6 per team, plus extras if you want clean cups between rounds) and two ping pong balls.

Setting It Up

This is a team game. So players must divide themselves among the two teams. USA armed forces and the Viet Cong. Keep in mind that the USA team typically drinks much more than the Viet Cong team, so players that want a lighter drinking experience should pick Viet Cong.

Once teams are established, cups are places and filled. Each team controls one half of the table. The USA team places 6 cups in a neat pyramid on their side of the table towards the back, representing their organized forces. The Viet Cong however places their 6 cups wherever the hell they want on their side of the field (far away from each other is optimal).

Playing The Vietnam Drinking Game

Much like in regular beer pong, teams take turns throwing a ping pong ball from their end of the table and trying to land it in a cup on the opponent’s end. Players rotate who is shooting each turn.

If ever the ball lands in a Viet Cong’s cup, it is drank by a member of that team and removed from the game. However, because of the US’s unlimited resources, whenever one of the team USA’s cups is sank they simply drink it, refill it, and put it back.

There’s only two ways the Vietnam Drinking Game ends. The US gives up and pulls out of the war, or they push through and slowly-but-surely sink all of the Viet Cong’s cups. Meaning the USA can only truly lose if they give up.