Vegetable Drinking Game

This game is pretty easy to play and understand. Basically everyone gets a Vegetable name and then players must go around addressing other players by their vegetable without showing their teeth. The vegetable drinking game sounds easy at face value but it’s a lot harder than you think to talk without showing your teeth. This works with 3-10 players.

Setting It Up

Before the game starts everyone needs to decide on their vegetable names. No two names can be the same but they can be any vegetable such as Beet or Red Onion. Once all names are chosen players should go around stating their new vegetable names so that everyone knows everyone else’s name. Then everyone needs to make sure their teeth are hidden.

Vegetable Drinking Game Rules

Choose who starts the game. They must state their own name twice and then the name of the player they’re calling twice. Such as “Carrot, Carrot calls Broccoli, Broccoli”.

Now it would be Brocoli’s turn to do the same and call out another player. Players can call out whoever they want it doesn’t have to be in order.

The catch to this game is if anyone can ever see your teeth you lose and must drink. You’re not allowed to hide your teeth with your hands you must do it by curling your lips over your teeth which makes saying all these vegetable names very difficult.


Don’t underestimate how ridiculous and hilarious the vegetable drinking game is. If you want to spice things up try this additional rule; Whenever a player loses and shows their teeth they are assigned a new vegetable name by the other players. Try to pick something extra hard to say to screw them over whenever they have to call out another player.