UQ Holder Drinking Game

UQ Holder Drinking Game -

The UQ Holder Drinking Game is based off of the manga with the same name. In the 80 years since the events in Negima! the world has become aware of magic. Touta Konoe is the descendant of legendary mage Negi, who saved the world nearly a century ago. Following a mysterious voice Touta embarks on a journey and along the way discovers the truth behind his parents deaths, and the circumstances involving his grandfather. Large portions of the story and characters revolve around people who are immortal or Touta’s grandfather Negi. This makes it surprisingly simple and efficient as a drinking game because there won’t be too many different things to look out for. With that in mind get ready for some violent action as Touta learns the truth behind the world and it’s people.


The anime UQ Holder and drinks.


Players will be drinking as we are introduced to various characters, many of whom are immortal. Being immortal the action is much more violent. This allows for dismemberment and other violent acts without their deaths, which causes drinks.

UQ Holder Drinking Game Rules:

Drink one whenever:

  • There is a flashback.
  • Someone uses magic.
  • You meet a new immortal.
  • Anyone says Negi’s or Nagi’s name.
  • One of the protagonists would suffer normally fatal wounds.
  • Anyone has one of their limbs cut off, or are cut in half.

Drink three whenever:

  • You learn how someone’s immortality works.
  • Anyone Says Evangeline’s full name: Evangeline A. K. Mcdowell.
  • You meet a character originally from Negima! for the first time.

This game is simply efficient and easy to follow. With fights occurring often and usually being over the top violent. characters are ripped apart literally and everybody has to talk about Negi pretty much all the time. Characters from the prequel Negima! Show up at a decent rate as well. For these reasons the UQ Holder Drinking Game should be a blast to watch and to drink to. Cheers!