The Unsolved Drinking Game

Unsolved Drinking Game - The Chuggernauts

This drinking game is for the Netflix series Unsolved which follows the murders of Tupac Shakur and Christopher Wallace (Biggie Smalls). It’s a semi-fictional retelling of a few of the cold case groups that tried to solve these historic murders and the trouble they got into when getting a little too close to the truth. Our Unsolved drinking game will have players drinking for all the common occurrences in the show like gunshots or people mentioning thugs. Plus anyone playing will have to finish their drinks whenever someone dies.

What You’ll Need

Any episode of Unsolved (Or multiple if you got the liver for it) and some drinks of choice.

Unsolved Drinking Game Rules

Drink Once Whenever…

  • Anyone says “Tupac” or “Biggie”.
    • Drink twice if their full formal names are used; Tupac Shakur or Christopher Wallace
  • Anyone says “Thug” or “Gangster”
  • Biggie talks about how he doesn’t hate Pac
  • Someone talks about how being a cop is harder if you’re black
  • A gun is fired
    • Drink again if someone gets shot
  • Someone flashes a gang sign
  • Anyone mentions Bloods, Crips, East Side or West Side.
  • Anyone smokes weed
  • A suspect tells a cop to fuck off or says that they aren’t going to talk
  • An officer threatens to suspend a detective or outright fire them
  • Someone feels the need to tell Russel Poole which case he is or is not working on

Finish your drink whenever someone dies in the show (Don’t worry this only happens once or twice an episode, depending on the episode)

Bonus Rule: Take a drink every time you feel the need to speak up and tell everyone what you think really happened.

Pac and E-40 Drinking Alize

If you want to live that thug life while you play the Unsolved drinking game grab a bottle of Alize and Crystal and Mix it together for Pac’s favorite drink which he dubbed the “Thug Passion”. Either way you choose to play make sure not to over drink and please drink responsibly.