Ultimate Beastmaster Drinking Game

Ultimate Beastmaster Drinking Game -

The Ultimate Beastmaster Drinking Game has players drinking to this test of endurance and skill. This show is based off many similar ones such as Ninja warrior where contestants see who can get further in a rather intense obstacle course.

This show is split up into 2 contestants from each chosen country. Most of the Contestants for this show are chosen because they are skilled climbers or extremely fit. This drinking game is a great way to root for your favorite country while enjoying a few beers. Plus the Terry Crews is one of the announcers for the American athletes and you can’t go wrong with that.


Any episode of Ultimate Beastmaster and drinks.


Players choose which nation they think will win and drink each time they fail. Players must also pick new nations when theirs is eliminated.

Ultimate Beastmaster Drinking Game Rules

As far as drinking games go this one is pretty simple. Once all the contestants have been revealed and had their intros pause the show. Now in turn each player picks which nation they want to win it.

At the end of each round, drink equal to the placement of the lowest beastmaster from your chosen country.

If at any point all of the beastmasters from your country get eliminated you must now pick a new country and drink double. This means if USA loses so you switch to Germany, then Germany comes in 4th then you must drink 8 times.

The final round of beastmaster is simply a 1 on 1 with the 2 last remaining contestants. For this round each player picks who they think will win and must finish their drink if they are wrong.



The Ultimate Beastmaster drinking game is a very exciting way to spend an afternoon because you get to enjoy some beers and cheer for the home team in the meantime.