Twisted – The Drunken Party Board Game

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Looking to get twisted? This party board game will have you hop, skip, and jumping into a state of total inebriation. This party board game is jam packed with drinking rules and fun challenge spots that will get the party moving.

Twisted plays like a lot of other board games on the surface, where players take turns rolling a set of dice and try to get their piece to the center of the board. However, where it differs from most games is the unique spaces scattered around the board with wacky party rules.

How To Play Twisted

A great aspect of this game is that you can pretty much figure out how to play it by simply looking at the board. And really, who wants to spend time thumbing through rules when you’re trying to get a party started?

At the start of the game a drink is placed in the center of the table. The goal of the game is to be the first player to get their piece all the way to the center of the board, and then finish that drink in the center. Player’s take turns rolling the dice, moving their piece along the track, and then doing whatever the space says.

The spaces come in a few different categories. There’s straight-up drinking rules like “Cheers”, “10 second chug”, and “Girls drink!”. There’s some fun party games like “Categories” and “Simon says”. Lastly there’s some embarrassing challenges like “Twerk for the group” or “Fake cry for 30 seconds”.

So after a few turns and more than a few drinks, you’ll be well on your way to reaching the center, pounding back that drink, and being crowned the King or Queen of Twisted.

Twisted Review

Twisted is a board game that brings the party to life. It’s easy to understand, easy to play, and most-importantly easy to have a good time. The rules are simple and the drinks are plentiful. Making this an ideal pre-game board game if you’re looking to break the ice and have a few brews.

Twisted – The Original Board Game for Parties, Pre Games, and Game Night!

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A lot of the rules and games in Twisted are from popular party games and drinking games like King’s Cup. Things like “Categories” and “Rhyme Time” have been around for a long time. However, Twisted does a great job of mixing these classic party games with unique spaces like the “Momma Bird” space. There’s also a ton of drinking spaces on the board, so you can be sure that everyone will be having a good time.

Overall this game probably makes the most sense to play at the start of the night. With a ton of drinking rules and someone having to neck a full drink at the end, there’s quite a bit of drinking in a small amount of time. It doesn’t take too long to play either, and a quick skimming of the rules is enough to understand every space.