Here’s A Twilight Drinking Game, I Suppose

For those that missed this tween phenomenon; Twilight was a series of horrible teen fiction books and movies that places vampires in sexually tense situations. The idea of this movie was rumored to come to it’s creator in a dream. And I believe it because no conscious functioning mind should be spewing this. Can you tell I’m still bitter about being dragged to this movie? Now it’s not without it’s merit, after all it does make for a great drinking game.

This Twilight drinking game is pretty simple. Just follow these easy drinking rules and take a sip whenever any of these things come up. You can play with any number of people and I suggest more than 1 because that’s incredibly sad.

What You’ll Need To Play This Game

For this game you’ll want a copy of the first twilight movie. (pirate it for gods sake don’t support this nonsense). Although you could just as well play with any of the sequels too. Then just grab a drink and follow these rules.

Twilight Drinking Game Rules

Take a Drink Whenever…

  • There’s an odd wilderness shot like a deer jumping through the woods.
  • Bella touches or plays with her hair.
  • Someone begins to sparkle.
  • Bella bites her lip or stutters.
  • Someone or something hisses.
  • Anyone mentions love in any way.
  • Someone dies.
  • Edward does his half-smile.
  • It gets foggy for some reason.
  • Someone transforms into another form.

Chug for as long as Bella and Edward stare longingly at each other.


Now these drinking rules for our twilight drinking game are pretty relentless. They mostly all come up very often so make sure you have those drinks nearby. Either way you want to make sure to drink responsibly and never go past your limits. If you wanted to look at more drinking games for movies check out our massive collection of drinking movies!