Turbo Cups Rules

Flip Cup

Turbo Cups is a drinking game that’s very much similar to Flip Cup with only a couple differences. Mainly that the cups must flip further, there’s multiple rounds and the losers of each round takes a shot. Other than that if you’re familiar with flip cup you should understand how to play this game. It’s played with 2 equal teams of at least 4 players each. The best way to do it is to elect team captains to take turns choosing team members based on how well they think they can chug a beer and flip the cup.

What You’ll Need

A good long even table with enough room for each team to stand on one side of it. Then you’ll need a solo cup filled with beer for each player. You’ll also want a bottle of some kind of alcohol to give the losers shots in each round.

Turbo Cups Rules

First both teams must decide who is the leader and the anchor for the first round. The leader starts the game and the anchor is the last to go. Now each team needs to stand on the opposite side of the table in a line. If done correctly each player should be facing an opponent across the table.

When everyone is ready the two leaders cheers their cups, slam them down on the table, then begin chugging.

Once someone is done chugging they place their cup mouth down on the table’s edge nearest to them. Then with two fingers they try to flip the cup. They keep trying until they can manage to make the cup flip at least 360 degrees and land back on the table. Once this is completed the next player on their team can go and repeat the same steps.

Play continues until one team has finished and flipped all their cups. They are the winners and are awarded a point. The losers also need to take a “losers shot” from the bottle.

For each subsequent round the leader of each team becomes the next player in line from the previous leader. The game goes on until everyone has been a leader once. Then the team with the least points loses.


Essentially turbo cups is a way to play flip cup multiple rounds in a row. Which is to say it can quickly amount to a lot of drinking so make sure to drink responsibly.