The Truman Show Drinking Game

The Truman Show Drinking Game -

The Truman Show Drinking Game will have players drinking to this 1998 film staring Jim Carrey. The premise of this show is that there’s an entire small world, where everyone is an actor except the main character Truman. All to create the most real of reality TV shows where the star doesn’t even know he’s in it.

So grab a beer and enjoy one of Jim Carrey’s most iconic roles. This movie can be a bit unnerving at times, so it’s a great way to enjoy a few beers as you watch Trumans entire world unravel.

What You’ll Need

The movie “The Truman Show” and some drinks.

The Truman Show Drinking Rules

  • Drink once whenever someone says “Truman”
  • Drink whenever there’s a malfunction that wasn’t supposed to happen, like the light that falls to the ground near the beginning of the film
  • Take a sip whenever the control room is shown
  • Take a big chug whenever there’s a fake product placement
  • Take a sip whenever someone avoids or even runs away from Truman
  • Drink once if you hear piano music start to play


This rule should only be applied if people want to step it up and down a few extra drinks. Drink every time the point of view is through a camera lens. This is signified by the rounded corners of the screen. It’s pretty much every 3rd shot so watch out.


This Truman Show drinking game is fairly light unless you brave the hardmode rule. Either way you go please remember to drink responsibly and take a break when you need one.