Trap Drinking Game Rules


The Trap Drinking Game (sometimes reffered to as the trapped drinking game) is a card based drinking game where players aim to play the same card and if they don’t they become trapped and must drink until one of the players next to them mess up and don’t play the right cards. The goal of the game is to get rid of all your cards. This game works best with 4-8 players.

What You’ll Need

A full shuffled deck of cards and some drinks.

Trap Drinking Game Rules

The game starts by shuffling the cards and dealing them out as evenly as possible to each player. Once that’s done the first player will be left of the dealer than it goes clockwise.

Play opens with the first player playing any card they want. Then the next player must try and play the same number card.

This keeps going until someone cannot play the same number card.When this happens that player takes a drink. After which the next player goes and plays any card they want and play is reversed.

So what ends up happening is someone messes up, then the next player goes and it’s back to the player who messed up to try and match the card again. Which is how someone ends up getting “trapped” until they’re able to match a card to continue the game along.

Whenever anyone can’t match a card they drink.

Once someone runs out of cards the Trap drinking game is over. Every other player must now drink equal to how many cards they still have. This game is great because it can wind up being so terribly unfair for a few players which often results in a lot of alcohol consumption for the losers. Please drink responsibly.