Trailer Park Boys Drinking Game

Trailer Park Boys Drinking Game -
Sept2209RE9159076 Trailer Park Boys in Toronto promoting new movie Count Down To Liquor Day.Trailer Park Boys pouring a tall one. (L-R) Julian (J.P. Tremblay) Bubbles (Mike Smith) and Ricky (Robb Wells).Rick Eglinton Toronto Star. (Photo by Rick Eglinton/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

The Trailer Park Boys drinking game has players drinking to the outlandish mockumentary Trailer Park Boys. This legendary Halifax show is about the residents of Sunnyvale Trailer Park and their less-than-ethical ways to make some quick cash. The main group consists of Ricky, Jullian and Bubbles as they try to dodge the drunken authority of Mr Lahey.

Between the numerous schemes to steal and sell drugs, and the constant drinking themes within this show it really makes for the perfect drinking game. Plus as an added benefit this is one of those shows you can just jump into and you don’t need to really follow the story line.


Trailer Park Boys and drinks.


Players will drink every time someone drinks on screens or for the many tropes such as Rickyisms. Additionally players will have to finish their drinks whenever Ricky miraculously talks his way out of an arrest.


Trailer Park Boys Drinking Game Rules:

Drink once every time:

  • You hear a Rickyism
  • Someone drinks in the show
  • Someone eats bologna or some kinds of processed meat
  • A bottle is smashed
  • A gun is fired
  • Someone smokes or sells dope
  • Bubbles mentions cats
  • Ricky asks for a smoke
  • Someone insults Randy
  • You see a shopping cart on screen

Finish your drink whenever:

  • Ricky talks his way out of an arrest



  • Drink any time someone swears



A Rickyism is one of Rickys many mixed up phrases like “denial and error” or calling the judge “your majesty”. If you pay enough attention you’ll start to realize just how often this happens.

The drink finishing rule will come up once in a while which usually involves Ricky talking to a police offer, asking for a smoke, then getting out of whatever charges they were going to press. The most common rule will probably be when characters on screen drink, especially if Mr. Lahey or Ricky’s dad are on screen. If you’re looking to up the ante and get a little drunk, you can always add in the hard-mode rule for some added drinks.