Tour de France Drinking Game

Tour de France Drinking Game -

This Tour de France drinking game has players drinking to this iconic bike race which is often considered the pinnacle of the sport. 20 or so teams compete across 21 or so events over the course of a little more than 3 weeks. But don’t worry you won’t need to be drinking for the entirety of the event for this drinking game to work so feel free to tune in during whichever event you choose.


How to Play

All players need to do is pick which team they are going to root for during the Tour de France and then follow the simple drinking rules for this game. Someone should also set up a timer to go off every 5 minutes.


Tour de France Drinking Game Rules

This game typically works best if players start at the beginning of a stage of the Tour de France. Each player must pick a team to drink for before looking at the scores or current placement of the racers. From there someone needs to set a timer to go off every 5 minutes.

Whenever the timer rings everyone must drink equal to the position of their team. Take the highest placing racer of that team to drink for.

Whenever players decide to stop playing this drinking game whoever’s team is in last place in overall points must finish their drink.


This game can be a little overwhelming if you happened to pick a team that is doing awful, so there’s a pretty big benefit to knowing a little bit about the teams before going in. We recommend not doing this in the first day at the départ fictif as that lap is more of a pace lap and the racers won’t necessarily be giving it their all to come in first. If the Tour de France drinking game is getting a bit overwhelming consider taking a break or switching to a team that’s doing better, please make sure to drink responsibly.