Top 5 Fun Party Games

With the pandemic, our lives have changed. Today, we watch online movies instead of going to cinemas, enjoy online sports betting instead of cheering our favorite teams on the stadium, and even organize online parties instead of meeting with them in real life. But let’s imagine everything has ended and you are preparing for the best home party. In this case, these 5 games will perfectly complement your evening.


Not the easiest but fun drinking game. Players stand in a circle and take turns counting to 21. According to one of the most common variants of the rules, players can count one, two or three digits. If a player names one digit, the game continues in the same direction as before (for example, the person to the right of the player counts next). If he calls two digits, the game changes direction (in our example – the next digit is called by the person to the left of the player). If the person calls three digits, the game continues in the same direction as before, but the player standing next to the counting person skips his turn.

The player who has to call the number 21 loses. Punishment must also be a drink and another additional rule. For example, all numbers divisible by three must be pronounced in German, or one of the players must wink instead of the number 5. Anyone who makes mistakes, says the wrong numbers, gets confused by the new rules and is too slow must also drink as punishment. The game can continue until a different rule is made up for each number – or until you get tired of drinking.

Sing Song Ping Pong

A game that originated and became popular thanks to the movie “Pitch Perfect.” It can be played in teams or individually. To succeed in the game, you need to improvise well. Yet, it’s not necessary to sing professionally, the main thing is not to be shy. 

The player or team making the first move starts singing any song. You can just play the first composition in the playlist. The other participants can interrupt the one who is currently singing at any time and sing another song, starting with the word that occurs in the lyrics of the first one, and so on. The round continues until one of the players manages to sing his song to the end, in which case he gets a point. The game can continue until someone scores 5-10 points, depending on how much time you have for one round. 

Insert Phrases

A game that can be played throughout the evening. Each of the guests, when they come to you, should be handed a sheet of paper with pre-prepared phrases. For example, “I’m thinking of running a marathon,” “Game of Thrones has taught me a lot,” “What do you think of the latest Yeezy collection?” The players’ task is to insert their sentence discreetly into a conversation without showing it to others. After a player says his sentence, he must wait five minutes so that the others have a chance to figure him out. If the person is not caught in that time, he gets a prize. 

This game also has an alcoholic version. In this case, if someone manages to successfully insert their phrase into the conversation, everyone else drinks. If someone catches you using a pre-prepared phrase, you have to drink.


You can buy such a board game or you can make up cards for it yourself. Before the game, each player writes on paper cards the names of famous people. It’s better to choose celebrities that everyone knows well – it’s easier and more fun this way. The players are then divided into teams, with one minute for one turn. 

In the first round, players have to take cards from the deck and explain to the other team members who the celebrity is talking about, without mentioning the name – they get as many points as many names they manage to guess. When all the cards are finished, they are put back in the deck and the second round begins. Now the names of the celebrities must be explained by pantomime. In the third round, the names have to be explained in one word. 

The advantage of the game is that all players are involved. Even if it’s not your turn, you have to listen carefully because the cards are repeated.

Wink Murder

At the beginning of the game, you need to assign roles and choose who will be the murderer. You can do this with several cards for the number of players (the one who draws the ace of spades becomes the murderer) or write the roles on a piece of paper. Players draw a card or a piece of paper without showing it to others and sit in a circle. 

The murderer’s task is to wink at the other players unnoticed: the one he winks at “dies”. The task of the other players is to catch the murderer: at any moment of the game, they can accuse someone. If the murderer’s name is called correctly, he loses; if the player is wrong and calls the name of an innocent, he too “dies”. If the murderer manages to get everyone but the last player out of the game, he wins. And it’s a lot harder than it looks.