Top 5 Board Games to Gain Inspiration for Your Essay

Inspiration is a very tricky thing. You never know when it will let you down or vice versa when it will not let you sleep because you have the perfect ideas for writing all seven essays you have as an assignment. People are trying to find inspiration in different ways: someone finds it in beautiful music, someone needs to eat some tasty food, and someone can play an exciting game with their friends, which will be enough. You might be surprised and say, “How can playing games help with writing essays?”. It’s easy! Positive emotions can create miracles, and writing essay will become manageable again. If you want to cope with any complicated assignment, you have to be relaxed and in a good mood, for example, after meeting your friends and having a great time together. The other way out is to read different articles to find out how to study properly, and it can be very helpful if you are stuck. Still, we recommend combining inspiration from a good mood and theoretical knowledge.


It looks as if this game has existed forever. But it was invented not that long ago. It first appeared in the market in 1935  and became a real hit among both children and adults. If taking risks is what you like the most and you consider yourself a lucky person even without a four-leaf clover, this game is a perfect choice for you. I really doubt that someone doesn’t know the rules of Monopoly, but just in case it’s necessary I will try to explain. Players must buy and trade different properties and try to be as careful as possible not to get into jail. The main aim of this game is to bankrupt your opponents, and it’s not the easiest and the quickest task. By the way, you can also make your income by receiving rent from other players if they land on any of your spaces. You should buy the property on the same part of the board, and eventually, the other players will lose the ability to pay rent.


If you write a lot and need to update your vocabulary, what can be better than Scrabble? When the game starts, each player receives a set number of wooden letter tiles; for each used letter, you can receive a different number of points. And from my experience, I can strongly recommend you to have somewhere near you a piece of paper and a pen to calculate the score, and a dictionary. In the middle of your word battle, someone might doubt the word that the other player created, so in this way, you will always know who is right and who is wrong. As with writing and passing your essay, it’s also better not to hurry in this game. You should analyze all your letters and think about possible word combinations. The winner will be the one who has the most points and not the one who got rid of the tiles quicker than others.


This game is perfect in all senses. It trains your mind not worse than the most complicated math problems. But instead of being exhausted, you feel inspired and motivated to continue playing or writing an essay. Especially if you won. By the way, can you imagine that something was created almost 1 500 years ago, and people still play it? Knowing this, you do not doubt that it’s worth at least trying to learn how to play it. You and your rival have the same 16 pieces to move across a 64-square game board. The final goal is to checkmate your opponent’s king. On the board, you will find pawns, rooks, bishops, knights, a queen, and a king, each of them can move differently, so you will have to remember some rules before you can play nicely.


Pictionary is another awesome game that can be played by a couple of people or by whole teams, and the players can be of any age. You must divide into teams and take turns drawing and guessing the words or phrases in a timed round. Sounds easy? Well, yes, but not that much; this game can be more difficult than it seems. The tasks can be of different difficulty levels, so be ready to draw strange and challenging word combinations.

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Jenga is a funny game for those who don’t mind creating a little mess, and it’s really easy to play. You can play with one friend or the whole bunch; it will be fun anyways. At first, you have to build a tower from the 54 small wooden blocks (3 blocks wide by 18 blocks high). And after that, you will take turns removing blocks from within the tower and placing them back on top. Someone will sooner or later destroy the tower. And the winner will be the one who was the last to put the wooden block on the top of the tower before it crashed.