Top 10 Netflix Drinking Games 2018

Netflix Drinking Games -

To make things a little easier we compiled a list of 10 great drinking games for TV shows on Netflix. This compilation has a little something for everyone from somber shows like This is Us or Ozark, to Comedies like Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee or Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Even a few curve-balls like Peppa Pig. So all you gotta do is grab a couple drinks and follow these easy rules for Netflix drinking games!


Netflix Drinking Games

Black Mirror

Black Mirror Drinking Game -

This futuristic sci-fi makes for a great drinking game because you can just pick up any episode within the series. It’s mostly all about the scary possibilities of future technologies so get ready to have a few drinks well things get a little too real.

Drink once whenever

  • You hear a notification noise (Like a bloop from a phone or computer)
  • Someone sends a message or e-mail from their phone
  • Someone plays video games
  • There’s a close up of a television
  • Someone gets injected with something
  • You notice a device attached to someone’s head
  • Eerie music plays in the background

Drink 3 times whenever

  • Someone cries
  • Someone enters virtual reality

Finish your drink whenever

  • Someone dies or is imprisoned.

This is Us

This Is Us Drinking Game -

This is Us seems to be a show with one objective in mind. Making people tear up at extremely delicate emotional situations. So why not grab a few drinks and try to keep yourself together better than this mess of a family?

Drink once whenever

  • A soft song starts in the background
  • There’s a kiss
  • Anyone says “Love”
  • Mom or Dad yell
  • The topic of Death comes up in any way
  • Anyone takes a sip of alcohol
  • Someone mentions something their father used to do or say
  • You notice someone is wearing a Steetelers jersey
  • Kate or Toby’s weight is mentioned

Take a big gulp whenever

  • You start to tear up.
  • Someone in the show starts to cry

Bonus Rule

  • Drink every time you think you know how Jack died.

Ash vs Evil Dead

Ash Vs Evil Dead Drinking Game -

Ash vs Evil Dead is the perfect show for anyone who’s a fan of old style horror movies. It’s pretty self aware and full of horror movie tropes so it makes for the perfect drinking show.

Drink once every time

  • Ash fails to do something because of his missing hand
  • Ash attaches something to where his hand should be
  • Anyone on screen takes a sip of something alcoholic
  • Anyone takes any kind of drug
  • You notice any kind of pun
  • Someone swears
  • You notice bad special effects (this is up to the viewers discretion)
  • A gun is fired
  • Ash uses a pickup line on someone
    • Drink again if it results in sex
  • Anyone or anything dies

Chug the rest of your drink whenever

  • Ash delivers a one-liner after killing something

American Vandal

American Vandal Drinking Game -

This real life mocumentary poses one important question. Who drew the dicks? The entire premise of this show is a student lead investigation into who drew a slew of wangs all over the teachers cars. There’s nothing better than enjoying a few beers and laughing at dick jokes.

Drink once whenever:

  • Someone mentions dicks in any way. This includes any slang word for dicks as well as things like “ball hairs”.
  • A drawing of a dick appears on screen
  • Dylan plays a prank
  • Someone says Dylan is guilty

Finish your drink whenever:

  • One of the suspects is crossed off the list

Bob’s Burgers

Bobs Burgers Drinking Game -

Bob’s burgers is a cartoon about Bob and his family’s burger business and their constant struggle to stay afloat. For those looking for something a little more hilarious this is always a great choice.

Take a Sip Whenever

  • Tina talks about butts, Zombies, Horses or Fan Fiction
  • Tina groans
  • Gene mentions farts
  • Gene plays his keyboard
  • Lynne laughs
  • Louise threatens someone
  • Bob says something sarcastic
  • Bobs mustache is talked about

Take 3 Sips Whenever

  • A new burger of the day is mentioned
  • Mr Fishodor makes an appearance in an episode
  • Lynne sings a song

Finish your drink whenever

  • Bob’s Burgers gets shut down (not including the intro)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine Nine drinking game -

This show is not your typical cop comedy. This show follows the never-serious Jake Paralta as he bumbles his way through case after case. This has got to be one of the funniest shows on Netflix at the moment so grab a few drinks and follow these simple drinking rules.

Drink once whenever

  • Jake dresses inappropriately
  • Gina mentions texting or emojis
  • Boyle accidentally says something inappropriate
  • Rosa threatens someone
  • Terry mentions his workout routine or his eating habits
  • Scully or Hitchcock do something gross
  • Amy is being overly serious
  • A gun is shot

Drink three times whenever

  • Jake comes up with a name for Amy’s sex tape
  • Holt’s sexuality comes up
  • A perp gets taken down
  • Jake sings a song or jingle
  • The Pontiac Bandit makes an appearance
  • Holt’s husband makes an appearance

Finish your drink whenever

There’s a flashback to Captain Holt when he had an afro.

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee Drinking Game -

This show is simply Jerry Seinfeld enjoying the company of other comedians while in fancy cars. He has a different guest every week and it’s usually hilarious. This show follows a pretty standard formula so the drinking rules sort of write themselves.

Drink Once Every Time

  • Jerry’s guest makes him laugh
  • Either Jerry or his guest mention the word “Comedy”
  • A comedian’s name is mentioned who is not directly in that episode
  • Someone takes a sip of coffee. (This also includes people in the background)
  • There’s a shot of coffee being poured

Chug for the duration of Jerry’s introduction to the car they’re going to drive. This typically happens at the start of every episode so you’re off to a good start!


Ozark Drinking Game -

This show follows a very familiar story line. Comedic actor gets serious role as a father and secret drug dealer. It’s a great show with plenty of high intensity moments so pour a few drinks and watch as the story unfolds.

Drink one whenever:

  • Marty talks his way out of a sticky situation
  • Marty talks about how terrifying the cartel is
  • Anytime one of the Langmore’s act trashy. (This is up to the viewer’s discretion)
  • Marty brings up his Wendy’s dead lover
  • Jonah mentions birds
  • Someone pulls out a gun
  • Someone fires a gun

Finish your drink whenever:

  • One or more people die in a scene


The Good Place

The Good Place Drinking Game -

The good place is a show about the afterlife and just how confusing and weird it is for the main character, Eleanor. It’s got plenty of strange and unexpected twists that completely alter the flow of the show.

Drink one every time:

  • Eleanor tries to swear but it gets replaced with another word
  • Michael doubts his creations
  • Chidi gives Eleanor an ethical dilemma
    • Drink 2 if Eleanor chooses the immoral option
  • Tahani says something condescending
  • Jianyu is asked a question, to which he doesn’t reply because he’s still a buddhist monk
  • Anyone asks Janet a question
  • Eleanor has a flashback to her doing something mean
  • Something negative happens to the world as a result of one of Eleanor’s decisions
  • Janet gets reprogrammed
  • You notice something suspiciously evil
  • Trevor says something evil

Finish your drink whenever

  • Eleanor travels from one of the “places” to another.

Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig Drinking Game -

Finally if you’re the kind of person who likes to chug a few drinks and watch children’s shows. (We don’t judge). Our Peppa Pig drinking game will help you enjoy this cartoon about a family of pigs and their incredibly mundane lives.

Drink One Everytime

  • Peppa asks a question
  • George mentions dinosaurs
    • Drink twice if he says “rawr”
  • Polly repeats something
  • Everyone on screen laughs
    • Drink twice if they all fall down for no reason as well
  • Peppa is mean to George
  • Chocolate cake is mentioned
  • Ms Rabbit makes an appearance and has a new job
  • Suzy Sheep and Peppa argue about something
  • George cries
  • Daddy Pig claims to be an expert in something
    • Drink twice if he actually is
  • Grandpa Pig mentions sailing or is on a boat
  • You spot Teddy or Mr.Dinosaur

Chug for as long as

  • Peppa Pig is singing


We hope this list of Netflix drinking games has everything you need. If you wanted to check out more of our TV show drinking games you can see our full database here. Or if there is any show you’d love to see added to the list feel free to contact us and we’ll get it up as soon as possible! Cheers, and always remember to drink responsibly.