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Tipsy – The Portable Can Drinking Game

What Is Tipsy?

Tipsy is a drinking board game designed to be full portable and even waterproof. It all fits inside the handy can it comes in. So just open it up, take out the board, the dice and the cards and you’re good to go!

How To Play Tipsy

The game does come with an instruction booklet but it’s not the easiest to comprehend so we’ll break down the game here.

First players pick one of the game pieces. (one of the Tipsy bottle caps) and then roll both dice. One has letters and the other numbers, so once you roll simply move your piece to the quadrant that matches both.

From there if you land on a Love, Challenge, or Drink space draw a card from the corresponding deck and do what it says. If you successfully do it you get to keep the card.

The player with the most cards wins the game. (This is actually what it says in the rules, it doesn’t say when this occurs or when to see who has the most cards). For clarity sake we just play until someone gets 7 cards.

Tipsy Review

Hate to say it but this game could really use a better English translator. If it weren’t for that this would be a fantastic game. Great graphic design, the game pieces are pretty genius, the way the game is played over is really fun, the waterproof board, all very good ideas. But if you are good at deciphering garbled translations than this game is back to being great.

At multiple times through the game we were left wondering what a card meant. The use of quotations and ellipses sporadically around every card is very confusing as well. As well as totally butchered song lyrics like “Ta na na na, it’s getting hot in there, so take an article of clothing off”.

That’s not to say we didn’t enjoy it. We had a blast. It’s a portable party even if you can’t always understand the intent of the cards.

Check out Tipsy at their store here!