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Tipsy Elves Drinking Game Sweaters!

Tipsy Elves is a great online retailer of funky all around party-apparel. Their goal is to make the most outlandish clothes they can to make sure you have fun. Although they specialize in tacky Christmas sweaters they have a ton of crazy apparel for any occasion; from American over-the-top patriotic Tees to Pride week rainbow clothes.

But being the drinking game enthusiasts that we are we were drawn towards the Men’s Drinking Game Ugly Sweater and their other collection of drunkard’s attire.

What on God’s Green Earth Is A Drinking Game Sweater?

Basically what it is is a fuzzy Christmas sweater with a target on it that says “You Miss You Drink!”, and on the back there’s more detailed rules as to who drinks when certain parts of the target are hit. Depending where you hit on the target is who drinks, could be the wearer, could be the thrower, could be everyone! One thing that is guaranteed is that it’s real hard to hit a moving target after a few beers.

It comes with a bunch of Velcro to pass around for people to chuck at you as you walk around. Either you pass out the colored balls to specific people or just leave them on the table and let people go nuts.

If Beer Pong is more your style they also carry a wicked Beer Pong Sweater that will let everyone at the holiday party know you’re in for some serious partying.

Drinking Game Ugly Sweater Review

Recently we got a chance to try dawn their Drinking Game Ugly Christmas Sweater. And I’ll admit I’d never heard those words in that order before seeing their sweater.

Basically what you do is just walk around and wait for people to pelt you with the balls and see what happens. Which gets funner as the night goes on as people start to lose their coordination and couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn anyway. But hey, there’s nothing funner than having a few too many and trying to pelt someone with ping pong balls.

You might end up with a couple fuzzy Velco balls skimming across your face throughout the night but that’s the price you pay for a good time. The Drinking sweater is such a fun time and a great way to gear up for the holiday season and breathe some life into any party.