Time Cop Drinking Game

Time Cop Drinking Game -

Time Cop follows the Max Walker (Played by Jean-Claude Van Damme) as he bumbles around through periods of time until he finds out the truth behind his wife’s mysterious murder. It’s packed with all the necessary JCVD tropes necessary to make an instant classic.

Between the over-the-top fight scenes and the downright nonsensical time travel plot this movie makes for the perfect drinking game. So grab a few beers and watch how Max kicks and splits his way out of this one.



Time Cop and drinks


Players will drink for all the recurring action movie and JCVD tropes in this movie. They also must finish their drink when they first see JCVD’s sweet sweet buns.


Time Cop Drinking Game Rules:

Drink one whenever:

  • Someone mentions time
  • Glass is broken
  • JCVD does the splits
  • Someone does a high-kick
  • JCVD delivers a terrible one liner like “Have a nice day” or ” I did that”
  • You spot something that didn’t exist in that time
  • Someone gets hit in the nuts
  • Somebody dies
  • A character tries to explain time travel but it doesn’t make any sense

Finish your drink when

  • JCVD’s ass makes it’s first appearance


The Time Cop Drinking Game isn’t too excessive on the drinking except for during all the fight scenes. It’s actually pretty incredible once you slow down and realize just how often these characters love to smash windows. The drink finishing rule should only come up once during the film, because it wouldn’t be a JCVD movie without a sex scene that focused on his ass. And being a Jean-Claude film it is of course packed with high kicks, splits, and nutshots.

This drinking game is perfect for the action movie buff who wants to unwind and watch a gang of odd futuristic terrorist get their asses handed to them by a single cop with a vendetta.