Thumper Drinking Game

The Thumper Drinking Game is perfect for those with tons of energy who would rather be socializing than getting hammered. It’s one of the funnest and most ridiculous drinking games out there and all you’ll need is your wits and a few drinks. So if you got a lot of energy to burn and you’re not too concerned about a noise complaint this game should work wonderfully.


All you need to play this game is some drinks


Players each choose a gesture and try to remember their own and everyone else’s gesture. If they fail they drink.

Set up

At the start of the game, one by one, everyone must choose a gesture. This can be absolutely anything they want but it should remain relatively short. This is a great time to try and think of something that will make the other players look ridiculous.

Thumper Drinking Game Rules

Once a leader is chosen the game begins. The game opens with a chant that goes like this.

Leader: ” What’s the name of the game?!”

Everyone else: ” THUMPER!!!!”

Leader: ” Why do we play?”

Everyone else: ” To get fucked up!”

During the entire game players should be drumming their hands on the table to try and build the tension.

Once the chant is up the game begins. The leader does his own gesture and then someone else’s. Then whoever’s gesture that player chose picks does his own gesture and someone else’s. This continues until someone either messes up a gesture or takes too long. They then take a sip.

After each round players can either all choose new gestures or continue with the same ones.



The Thumper drinking game is best played when players already have a few beers in them. More beers means more ridiculous gestures and more enthusiastic drumming. It doesn’t usually amount in a whole lot of drinking for anyone it’s simply a way to wake people up and get them moving. It’s a great ice breaker at bigger parties.