This is Us Drinking Game

This Is Us Drinking Game -

This Is Us is a show about the death of a father and how it impacted all of his kids and wife throughout the years. It makes use of time jumps to see how people are reacting at different points in their life. As tough as it was to come up with a drinking game for this  tear jerker, we came up with a list of drinking rules to add a bit of excitement.  The This is Us drinking game has players drinking for all the recurring topics and soft music that’s played in this series, which is pretty well all the time.

What You’ll Need

For this game all that’s required is any chosen episode of This Is Us and a few drinks.

This Is Us Drinking Game Rules

Drink once whenever

  • A soft song starts in the background
  • There’s a kiss
  • Anyone says “Love”
  • Mom or Dad yell
  • The topic of Death comes up
  • Anyone in the show takes a sip of alcohol
  • Someone mentions something their father used to do or say
  • Anyone notice someone is wearing a Steetelers jersey
  • Kate or Toby’s weight is mentioned

Take a giant chug whenever

  • You start to tear up.

Bonus Rule

  • Drink every time you think you know how Jack died.


The This of Us drinking game can be a fair amount of drinking especially if you use the bonus rule and are the type of person to well up during a television show.  Plus the soft songs come in at least 3 times an episode. This show really tries to tug at your heart strings so try to keep it together and don’t be the person sobbing during a drinking game.