The Wrapping Presents Drinking Game

Dreading that long day ahead of you wrapping Christmas presents? Well why not make a game out of it. This wrapping presents drinking game is a surefire way to turn a chore into a fun night. The idea is you just poor yourself your favorite holiday beverage and drink whenever any of the following things happen. As you drink more, more mistakes will be made, which makes even more drinking!

What You’ll Need

For this all you’re going to need is to bring some drinks next time you sit down to wrap up presents. We suggest playing with something festive like a glass of ‘nog or cider.

How To Play The Wrapping Presents Drinking Game

Take a drink whenever any of the following things happen

  • You curse under your breath
  • You accidentally rip the wrapping paper
  • You reach the end of a roll of wrapping paper
  • You spill your drink (drink double if you spill it onto a gift).
  • You mess up a piece of tape and have to grab a new one
  • You misplace the scissors or tape
  • A gift doesn’t quite fit in the amount of paper you cut out for it
  • You run out of a roll of tape
  • You say “f*** it” and just put something in a bag to avoid wrapping it

This game doesn’t really have much of an ending point so just keep going until you’re too tired or drunk to wrap gifts in a presentable way. And always remember to keep things light and don’t ever drink to excess and don’t drink and drive. If you liked this Christmas themed drinking game you should check out our Christmas Dinner drinking game.