The Definitive Wheel of Fortune Drinking Game

This classic game-show has been running for over 30 years. Hell even Pat Sajak admitted to hosting the show drunk so it’s about time we made a drinking game for it. The Wheel of Fortune drinking game is pretty easy to follow. Just read these simple drinking rules and drink whenever any of them come up. Plus if anyone can correctly guess the phrase before any of the contestants than everyone else playing this game takes a sip.

What You’ll Need

Any given episode (or multiple episodes) of The Wheel of Fortune and some drinks. This game was mostly made for the Pat Sajak years but should work just fine during any of the runs of the other hosts.

The Wheel of Fortune Drinking Game Rules

Take a sip whenever…

  • Someone spins a “Bankrupt”.
    • Drink again if Pat feels the need to apologize.
  • Pat makes a corny joke.
  • Someone loses a turn.
  • Anyone picks the letters X or Q.
  • Someone says that they would like to buy a vowel.
  • Someone spins something that causes them to pick up a card, like the “car” or “wild” cards.

Everyone finishes their drinks if anyone correctly gets the “million” space

Bonus Rule: Guessing the Phrase

If anyone can correctly guess the phrase before the contestants then every other person playing this drinking game takes a sip.


The Wheel of Fortune drinking game works really well because mostly all of those drinking rules are bound to come up every episode. If you like drinking games to classic 90s shows we suggest taking a look at our COPS drinking game! Whichever game you choose to play please make sure to drink responsibly and arrange yourself a safe ride home if you need one.