The Undertale Drinking Game!

Little late to the party but we finally decided to come up with an Undertale drinking game! The game itself is newly available on the Nintendo switch and is a single player indie RPG game that has seen massive success.

This game follows a child who has fallen into the Underground and must find their way out. This game is fairly easy to understand but has a ton of charm too it that makes you want to keep on playing which is what makes it such a great candidate for a drinking game!

What You’ll Need To Play

To play this game all you’re going to need is a tasty beverage and a copy of the game. Then just boot it up and follow these simple drinking rules.

Undertale Drinking Game Rules

Take a sip of your drink whenever…

A word in a dialogue box is either Blue, Red or Yellow

  • You enter a battle
  • Someone refers to you as child
  • You save the game
  • You solve a puzzle
  • The game makes you audibly laugh
  • You gain a love level
  • Sans cracks a lame joke
  • You read a sign

If you die finish your drink

Hardmode: If you want to be extra hardcore take an extra drink whenever you get hit during one of the mini bullet-hell style games.


This Undertale drinking game is great for anyone wanting to replay this classic game and enjoy a few drinks at the same time. We suggest not using the hardmode rule unless you plan on doing a lot of drinking. Whichever way you choose to play always remember to drink responsibly. If you’re looking for more solo drinking games to great RPGs check out our Final Fantasy 6 drinking game.