The Ultimate That’s So Raven Drinking Game!

That's So Raven Drinking Game by

That’s so Raven was one of the Disney Channel’s classic hits back in the mid 2000’s. Back in the day, Raven was a lovable witty psychic we all knew. Watch raven and her friends try to survive high school, while going through some normal and very un-normal teen problems. Why not play the That’s so Raven Drinking game while reminiscing about old times and some old laughs.

What You’ll Need To Play

The good thing is you won’t need much to play this game. Grab a few drinks and then you can choose to play this game with a few friend or alone. Both are fun.

That’s So Raven Drinking Game Rules

Take a Sip Whenever…

  • Cory plans a scheem
  • Chelsea says something dumb
  • Cory tells on Raven

Take Two Sips Of Your Drink Whenever…

  • An old 2000 song comes on
  • Someone is wearing a 2000 accessory

Finish Your Drink Whenever…

  • Raven has a vision of any kind
  • Cory hits on someone
  • Raven gets in some serious trouble

I hope Raven’s predictions turned out to be as funny as you remembered it to be. If you liked our That’s So Raven drinking game then you might want to check out some of our other TV show drinking games from the 2000s like the Lizzie Mcguire Drinking Game. Remember to drink responsibly. Do not drink and Drive.