The Ultimate Super Mario Maker 2 Drinking Game!

This Super Mario Maker drinking game is split up into 2 separate drinking games. One is for the endless course or multiplayer online modes, and the other involves actually creating a stage together.

What You’ll Need To Play

A copy of the game on Nintendo Switch and some drinks. This game works with any number of players.

How To Play The Super Mario Maker 2 Drinking Game

Course Creation Drinking Rules! (2-4 player)

Begin by opening up the course creator.

Stretch the goal over far from the start point.

Now you’ll need some sort of timer and set it to go off every 1 minute.

Start by giving the controller to the first player and letting them design the course however they want for 1 minute. Once that minute is up they must pass the controller to the next player. Keep doing this every minute until the course reaches the finish line.

Next start up the course with everyone playing at once and follow these easy drinking rules until the course is done.

  • If someone gets a checkpoint flag, everyone else drinks.
  • Whenever you die take a drink.
  • If someone gets a 1-up they choose someone else to drink.
  • If all players die at once each player drinks twice.
  • Whoever completes the level gets to choose someone to finish their drink.
  • If a part of the level is deemed too difficult (voted by the other players) then whoever designed it must finish their drink and redesign it.

Multiplayer Drinking Game (any number of players)

If you’re not feeling too creative and would rather just get straight to the drinking then these simple rules are for you. They work with basically any mode in the game that has you playing someone else’s course.

Take a sip whenever…

  • You die.
  • You let a power-up disappear without collecting it
  • You miss a 30coin
  • You let yoshi run away on you
  • A manually added sound effect is heard
  • You decide to swipe a level instead of completing it

Finish your drink whenever…

  • That big dumb cat bowser appears in a stage
  • You die to a regular goomba
  • You die because a part of the level was blocked with someone’s comment
  • You lose due to time out


This Super Mario Maker 2 drinking game is great for a few laughs and beers but please always remember to drink responsibly.