The Ultimate Shameless Drinking Game

Shameless is a sitcom all about drugs, alcohol, sex and all-around questionable decisions. Which is why it makes for the perfect drinking game. The show follows the Gallagher family led by Fiona Gallagher due to their horribly neglectful parents.

Due to all the drunken debauchery in this show it was easy to come up with a Shameless drinking game. Plus the show itself is really easy to jump into a random episode and follow along so just pick your favorite and follow our simple drinking rules.

What You’ll Need To Play

Just turn on any given episode of the show, grab a few drinks and you’re good to go. This game will work with any number of participants.

Shameless Drinking Game Rules

  • Frank complains about the government or spouts out some kind of conspiracy theory.
  • Anyone says the name “Gallagher”.
  • Someone talks about Flip’s wasted potential.
  • One of the Gallaghers drink alcohol.
  • A serious crime is committed. Drink twice if it was committed by a child.
  • Fiona kicks someone out or gets kicked out herself.
  • There’s a sex scene. Drink again if it’s an orgy.
  • Someone takes hard drugs on screen.
  • Their money problems are brought up
  • Someone is seen taking a piss somewhere that is clearly not in a toilet

Not going to lie, this Shameless drinking game is heavy enough to make you feel like you’re right there with the family. With the constant drinking and fighting that happens in this show a lot of these rules come up often so make sure to drink responsibly and take a break if you think you need one. If you liked this game you might want to check out our other TV Show Drinking Games.