The Sims Drinking Game

The Sims is EAs popular life-simulation game where you take control of a small family and guide their day-to-day life. This Sims drinking game should work with any iteration or expansion of the Sims. So just choose the one you prefer and have at it.  Typically these games are single player unless you want to LAN a few systems together so this is mostly a solo drinking game.


For this drinking game just load up a game of the Sims (either a new game or reload a saved one) and get a drink or two ready. You’ll need to take a sip for some common bad occurrences like getting rejected from a conversation or getting bills in the mail. There’s also some devastating drink finishing rules for more severe things like losing a job or having the repo man come to your house.

What You’ll Need

Any sims game and some drinks.

The Sims Drinking Game Rules

Take a sip whenever

  • One of your sims cries
  • Some food starts rotting
  • One of your sims meals catches on fire and gets burnt
  • Another sim rejects you
  • Something in your house breaks down and needs repair
  • You get bills in the mail
  • One of your sims pees themself

Down Your Drink Whenever

  • The repo man comes to take your stuff
  • One of your sims die
  • Your sim wife/husband or girlfriend/boyfriend leaves you
  • A sim gets fired from their job
  • A new baby is born into your sim family

For more great video game drinking games check out our drinking games section. Depending how good you are at managing your virtual family this game can get pretty intense so please drink responsibly and take a break if it’s getting to be a bit much for you.