The Simpsons Treehouse Of Horror Drinking Game!

In my household the classic simpsons halloween specials have become a staple around christmas time. So we decided to come up with a Simpsons Treehouse Of Horror Drinking Game to have a bit more fun with it.

The way this game works is you just need to pop on any Simpsons Halloween special and drink whenever the drinking rules come up. Any episode should do since so many have the recurring themes like the demise of Willy or a cameo by the two aliens.

What You’ll Need To Play

All you’re going to need is a few drinks and your favorite episodes.

The Simpsons Treehouse Of Horror Drinking Game Rules

Take a sip of your drink whenever…

  • Someone dies
  • Someone let’s go a terrified scream
  • The aliens make an appearance
  • “it was all a dream”
  • You notice a spooky version of one of the names on the credits
  • Lightning strikes
  • You are able to point out a reference to another horror or sci fi film
  • Suspenseful music starts up
  • A gun is fired

If Willie the lovable Scott dies in the episode finish your drink! 

Always remember to keep it a game. Don’t ever drink to excess or get behind the wheel if you’ve been drinking. If you liked our Treehouse of Horror drinking game then you should check out another drinking game we made to the classic film BeetleJuice.