The Secret to Getting Free Drinks in Big Casinos

Casinos are like any other business; they want to make money. You may have noticed that some casinos offer free drinks while players gamble their money. Casino owners are always looking for ways for you to stay longer in their establishment and continue your gambling session.

They use all sorts of attractions like flashing lights, concert kinds of music, and comfortable furniture, which all contribute to you staying longer. And drinks play a huge role in your judgment to gamble. So, let us explore this secret that big casinos often use.

Why do Casinos Offer Alcohol?

Alcohol and gambling don’t go hand in hand, as they can influence your decision-making skills. Casino owners understand this concept and try to take advantage of it as much as possible. This does not mean that they force you to gamble or drink, but it is often complimentary or welcoming to receive a drink.

Some casinos offer free drinks only after you have spent a certain amount of money gambling. And some offer free drinks but charge you for premium alcoholic beverages. A great way to avoid this secret trick is to play at online casinos, where you can play in the comfort of your home with or without drinks. If you are living in Poland and looking for legal gambling platforms, has a list of sites that will surely cater to your needs. Apart from safety, they also offer several promotional rewards and bonuses, so do check them out.

How do Free Drinks Benefit the Casino?

It is a win-win situation for the casino as well as the players. People often head to the casino to have a great time and relax in a stress-free environment. Casinos cater to those needs with free drinks, increasing their income and ensuring you enjoy playing your favorite games. This arrangement will only sometimes benefit the players but surely benefit the casino. Some top casinos offering customers free drinks are Bellagio, MGM, Caesar, and Cosmopolitan.

Are Free Drinks An Extra Income or a Necessity?

At most casinos, players get complimentary drinks when they are gambling. It is a way to keep them gambling or ensure they are betting at a certain pace. In other words, the price of your drink is built into the price paid for gambling. Well, as much as they make money from making you tipsy and gambling, they also have other sources of income. Some of them are:

  • Food: They offer fancy and upscale restaurants instead of fast food joints inside the casino walls
  • Entertainment: Some casinos offer a variety of entertainment set-ups like stand-up comedians, DJs, Music bands, etc.

While free drinks may not just be an additional income, it contributes towards the casino’s overall revenue. As I said before, the casino wants you to stay longer, so the more you gamble, the more advantage to the house.

How do free drinks at the casino work?

Whenever you are at the casino, you have access to many kinds of alcohol and beverages. You can order them at the bar, at the poker tables, or even at the slot machines. All you need to do is approach the bartender and order your drink. You can choose from various options like beer, wine, vodka, whisky, gin, cocktails, mocktails, etc. Premium alcoholic beverages are usually chargeable, so if you are looking for cheap drinks, finding a happy hour or other promotions that include drinks is the best option.

Final Thought

Casinos are constantly creative in driving customers to their gambling floors, and free drinks have benefited them. Customers love the attention and feel more welcomed with these complimentary drinks, which boosts their confidence. Always remember that whatever you order, make sure to tip well. It is customary to list $1 per drink so that they serve you well during your gambling session.