The Sausage Party Drinking Game

Sausage Party is one of those movies that make for a perfect drinking game. It’s funny, easy to watch and best of all it’s full of raunchy sex jokes and food puns. This movie doesn’t follow the script of the typical animated film in that it’s pretty well strictly targeted at adults. Our Sausage party drinking game is pretty easy, just read out the drinking rules and drink whenever they come up. It’s a pretty hefty one so if you feel like you need a break at any point take one.

What You’ll Need

For this movie all you’re going to need is the raunchy animated movie Sausage Party and some drinks. You can choose to play with the normal rules which is more than enough rules or the hardcore mode which will have you blasted in no-time.

Sausage Party Drinking Game Rules

Take a drink whenever

  • You notice a food pun. (including the title of the film).
  • Someone mentions God or The Great Beyond.
  • One of the food items meets it’s demise. (there’s a couple scenes where this will get sloppy).
  • A food item first appears that is a clear racial stereotype of the kind of people that eat it.

Hardmode: If for some reason those previous drinking rules weren’t enough for you, you maniac, then include this drinking rule.

  • Take a sip whenever anyone swears.

As far as drinking games go our Sausage Party drinking game is pretty intense. There’s hardly a sentance in the whole movie that doesn’t involve swearing or food puns. So make sure to drink responsibly and try not to go past your limits. No drinking game is worth risking your physical health. If you’re looking for more drinking games to comedy films check out our Super Troopers Drinking Game!