The Rotten Drinking Game!

Rotten Apples Drinking Game!

This drinking game uses theĀ to get players good and drunk as they realize just how many terrible allegations surround their favorite shows or movies. The basics of the Rotten Drinking Game is that players take turns punching in their favorite movies and drink if they find out any of the actors have any allegations against them.

For those unaware, Rotten is basically a search engine that brings up all sexual assault allegations related to whatever movie you type in. It’s important to keep in mind that these are mostly all allegations and shouldn’t be immediately taken as fact. So grab some drinks and get ready to get a little more upset about the world we all live in!

What You’ll Need For This Game

Visit the website and get some drinks. This game works best if all players can view the screen.

The Rotten Drinking Game Rules

On a players turn they punch in a name of a movie and get ready to drink if it’s a rotten apple. Then click through the names of those implicated and see what they’re accused or guilty of.

  • Drink 1 for every cast member listed
  • Drink an additional 2 if one of the cast members was actually convicted of their crime
  • If nothing is listed, congratulations! That’s a fresh apple! Make another player take a sip. (but make sure it’s consensual)

Additionally players need to take a drink if they pick or say the name of a movie that another player has already picked. Then they have to go again.


The Rotten Drinking Game is a great way to enjoy a few beers with friends, but as with any drinking game please make sure to drink responsibly. Enjoy!