The Rise of Mobile Gambling and iGaming Technology: What You Need to Know

Thanks to improving trends in technology, the casino experience is moving towards smartphones and tablets. Mobile gambling has become players’ most sort after package in recent times. Its growing influence is rising quickly, thanks to the accessibility and convenience it provides. Among the various sites available, mobile gaming remains a top feature. That’s why several casino review platforms emphasize this, and SoCanadianCasino and other websites provide great options to select from. This article provides every relevant information you need to understand this growing trend, especially the technology behind it.

The Mobile Revolution in iGaming Technology

Gaming on mobile has come a long way from the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP), which provided access to the Internet. Although it did not support complex gaming, simple titles like Connect 4 or tic-tac-toe were fun. Throughout the 2000s, mobile gambling moved through Arcade titles and the introduction of top offers from software providers like EA.

Mobile gambling has become a rising area in iGaming. Its market value accounts for 45% of its total worth, averaging $152 billion. In 2020 alone, mobile gaming raised over $77 billion in revenue thanks to the global pandemic, and it has only gone up from there.

In the year in review, app downloads moved up by 33%, global spending went up by 74%, and most players wagered over 10% signed in to different casino and sportsbook sites from a smartphone. Besides, network providers noticing the growing trend, started providing affordable internet plans for easier mobile gaming access. Due to several health regulations, everyone had to stay home, practicing safe distancing. Hence, more people had time, as even common trends like sports events were disrupted.

Many players can easily wager from anywhere, and statistics showed a 50% rise in mobile betting in 2019 doubled the next year. Besides, the mobile revolution also rose due to various regulatory frameworks by countries. In the US, online betting is available in most states. Germany is also preparing various alternatives, allowing players to increase their casino gaming options, including mobile.

In addition, the demographic difference also plays an important role. Most millennials (90%) prefer mobile gambling to PCs. Even the older generation now enjoys wagering on different games from a smartphone. A mobile gambler’s average age is 36.3, with gender split equally. This moves comfortably from the concept where gaming was a male-dominated activity.

Discovering New Opportunities with Mobile Gambling Apps

Like other key sectors with technological innovation, mobile gambling has several perks regarding new opportunities. This is due to continuous interest by players and the rising investments by numerous operators to provide a more exquisite experience. While there are various options available, here are the chances that we may see with iGaming on smartphones.

“Mobile gambling’s convenience, accessibility, and portability make it increasingly popular, driving the growth of the iGaming industry.” – Joshua Cramer

Virtual Reality

Although no longer new, Virtual Reality (VR) is currently a major player in modern slots gaming. It grants players access to a more immersive experience using VR devices that can be worn. This way, 360 degrees of audio and video gaming increase entertainment.

VR mobile is already becoming available, although the number of online casinos providing them is limited. For instance, the Google Cardboard from Google is an intense yet affordable VR mobile gear compatible with most casino games. Finding other amazing VR games on the Play Store is also possible. However, there is still a long way to go.

Augmented Reality

Since VR provides a more “living” game simulation, AR goes beyond doing the opposite. Here, players get the simulated world realistically. A top example is Pokémon Go, which enables gamers to ‘catch’ Pokemon placed at different locations worldwide. They may not be real, but they can easily pass for “almost,” thanks to AR.

Cloud Gaming

Although HD graphics for PCs and consoles have increased, mobile gaming still lacks that specific touch of gaming outside the spheres of smartphone limitations. This is where cloud gaming technology comes in, providing more context to gambling. Players can easily access a console or PC game via a mobile device. This can be possible through a server. While this is already a reality, developers still need to solve some issues. Among them is the input lag.

Exploring the Benefits of Mobile Gambling Responsiveness

Whether a gamer or developer, the possibilities of gaming via smartphones are high. Players can easily move via different options, especially as it provides diverse options for entertainment. Here are some of the top benefits of the active revolution for this gaming sphere.


Anyone can easily wager on any casino game from a location of their choice. The games can be up and running quickly with a button. Besides, navigating through different titles and finding new options to wager on is also easy.

Thanks to the interest of developers, there are fresh additions for more customers to bet higher. Even online casinos now provide native mobile apps and browser-based titles, which are available on any screen size.

Available for People of all Ages

Mobile gambling is not limited to specific demography. Everyone, including teens, young adults, and senior players, can find a genre of their favorite. What makes it more exciting is that phone apps for gambling come with new user manuals, which provide an excellent guide for anyone who needs assistance.

Enables Logic Building and Problem-Solving

As part of logical reasoning activities, iGaming on mobile is an exceptional resource. Research shows that gaming develops the subregions of the insular cortex, which is important for the decision-making and processing of the sensory nerves. Hence, individuals who actively wager on one title or another get better problem-solving and logic options. This is an interesting way to build strategic options, which is essential to play casino games better, especially table and live dealers.

Understanding Security and Fairness with Mobile Platforms

Among the various options for iGaming on smartphones, the security and safety features remain an issue of concern. This includes the worry that game outcomes are fair and provide an equal winning chance. Here are some common risk factors regarding protection.

Fake Installation

Mobile gaming gets serious safety threats from fake installations. This comes as modifications, the perfect hiding place for malicious code. Besides, some programs appear in the form of games that lure players to install them, which can steal personal information. The key to solving this is avoiding installation from third-party sources.

Payment Card Information

Another top risk most players face is getting paid games for free. Most gamers go to alternative sites to get options to avoid not paying huge fees for game credits. Recommendations will always remain to avoid such platforms, especially with the rise of new viruses that mask adverts. From both sides, this issue has several causes. The first is from a rise in “bait apps” (which we will discuss later) and the distrust in entering payment information.

The feat that an online casino site may be unreliable for entering bank details still lingers. This puts customers at the risk of choosing sites that provide props but will require smartphone access. This issue may still be around, especially with several unlicensed iGaming sites on mobile.

Click Bait Apps

Several researchers have proven that various malicious apps and software appear as mods. Some are available on the Google Play Store, which has lesser security requirements, like the Apple App Store. After installation, the game reports a problem and requires players to uninstall it. However, only the icon is removed, but it still transmits information, including private details like bank login.

Identifying Profitable Investment Strategies for Mobile Gambling Markets

The mobile gaming industry has a maximum growth potential like any other top sector. This makes it a ripe environment for investment opportunities. According to some research, the key players in mobile gaming remain Google, Apple, and other reputable software-developing companies. Although the revenue is in billions, analysts claim there is more room to grow.

The best way to identify investment opportunities is to study the best game publishers. Their missions are to develop player-centered games across all platforms – Virtual Reality, mobile, PC, or console. This makes it the most viable way to get returns.

Furthermore, these publishers also purchase the top mobile game studios. It is a great way to provide more work for stakeholders’ cash. This process is more viable, especially as it allows game companies to buy firms not on the public trading floors. Investors can benefit from top-breed studios without risking losing money from poorly traded game stocks with a small record of financial strength.


Technology remains a top tool that influences mobile gaming. Its accessibility features provide more options for gamers, especially with the rising effects of increasing attention-grabbing features in today’s world. It remains to be seen if the development will draw more players, providing more profit to investors.