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The Red Dragon Inn Drinking Game & Review

The Red Dragon Inn is a game by SlugFest Games that takes a look at what life is like is like as adventurers who just want to relax and drink their faces off. The game itself isn’t a drinking game as much as it’s a game about drinking. Which is why it made for the perfect game to add in some drinking rules. This game supports up to 4 players although there is a number of expansions to allow for more players and more unique interactions.

If you already know how to play you can skip the following section and head straight down to the Chuggernauts’ drinking rules.

How To Play

The object of this game is simple. Have a good night out without losing all your cash or drinking yourself into a coma. Players will aim to lower each others fortitude and increase their alcohol consumption until they pass out, or try to drain away all their cash.

Each player picks one of the characters and then sets up their sheet accordingly. Then grabs and shuffles the deck that is associated with that character.

Turn Phases

A turn of Red Dragon Inn goes in 4 phases. Refreshing cards, playing a card, giving someone a drink and finally taking a drink yourself.

Discard and Draw

At the start of every turn a player can opt to discard any of their 7 card hand and then draw back up to 7. This is a useful way to make sure you have a good balanced hand.


This is where you play a card from your hand. These can do a large number of actions but be careful because someone might be able to respond with a card of their own (if the card allows for it).

Order a Drink

Here’s where you get a drink for another player. Simply draw the top card from the drink deck (without looking at it) and place it on another players “Drink Me!” spot. Remember you want your opponents to get floored so try to play it on someone who you want to pass out.

Take a Drink

During this phase you draw the top card of your “Drink Me!” spot and do what it says. If you don’t have any cards there you can instead reduce your alcohol consumption by 1 and sober up a bit.

Red Dragon Inn Drinking Game Rules

  1. If you are instructed to gain alcohol consumption drink once for each consumption gained.
  2. If a card you play is negated take a drink.
  3. Drink once for every gold lost. This includes antes and all gold lost while gambling.

Drinking for Fortitude: If your fortitude drops to 15 or lower all drinks are doubled. If your fortitude drops to 10 or lower they’re tripled.

If you pass out or lose all your cash you must finish your drink in shame. 


As a traditional board game this one was interesting because of it’s premise. Not often do games focus on the after-party of the epic journey.

Although some elements of the game did feel pretty shallow and there wasn’t a boatload of strategy to master, this game did deliver what it promises. A good time. Plus it’s easy to understand and get the hang of which is great if you plan on having a few beers during game nights.

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The drinking rules practically write themselves in this one. If what you’re looking for is a light game that is fun with a lot of players and won’t overwhelm you with a 45 page rulebook then the Red Dragon Inn is a great choice.