The Quintessential Yule Log Drinking Game!

The Quintessential Yule Log Drinking Game by

It’s almost that time of year to cosy up next to the spot where you wish you had a real fire place and soak in the Christmas spirit. This year why not grab a festive beverage and make things a little more interesting with this fireplace drinking game?

The Yule Log drinking game is simple. Find your favorite fireplace broadcast, grab a few drinks and follow our simple drinking rules. For this game you’re going to want to find a fireplace broadcast that has someone’s hand or fire poker occasionally enter frame to replace the logs.

What To Expect In This Fireplace Drinking Game

Given that not all that much happens during these broadcasts, we’ve separated it into a few phases. The warm-up, the jog and the sprint. By the end of the game everyone should be just toasty enough. Each round lasts until a hand or fire poker enters frame to add new logs.

Yule Log Drinking Game Rules

Phase One: The Warmup

This is the easiest part of the game. Everyone sits around the faux-fire and takes a sip every time they hear a loud crackle.

Phase Two: The Jog

In this phase one player starts to chug their drink. They chug until they hear a loud crackle. They can then stop drinking and the next player starts. This keeps happening like an alcoholic game of hot-potato until the round is complete.

Phase Three: The Sprint

For the third and final phase each player must get down on one knee with a full beer. Now everyone must chug it as fast as they can. The first player to finish their drink wins the game. The rest have to start a new beer and start a new sprint on the next round. This continues until only one player remains. This player is officially the red-nosed yuletide loser of the game.

We hope this Yule Log drinking game got you in the Christmas spirit, however you should always make sure to drink responsibly and never drink and drive.