The Queer Eye Drinking Game!

Our Queer Eye drinking game is a great way to enjoy a few drinks while watching the crew flip someone’s life around. This show has seen a reboot on Netflix for it’s third season and hopefully more to come.

Basically what happens in this show is the Fab Five go around and try to help someone boost their confidence and become the best versions of themselves that they can be. It’s usually a pretty emotional ride so grab a few drinks and blame your teary eyes on the alcohol.

What You’ll Need

This game was made around the Netflix reboot of the series but it should work fine with the classic episodes too. So just grab a few drinks and you’re good to go.

Queer Eye Drinking Game Rules

Take a sip of your drink whenever…

  • Someone cries or tears up
  • Anyone uses the word Masculine or Feminine
  • Any word is bleeped out
  • Antoni is seen wearing a “The Strokes” shirt
  • The word “Realness” is spoken
  • Anyone is seen drinking alcohol on the show
  • Anyone gets lost trying to figure out where a new location is
  • Something is physically thrown out for how unfashionable it is

Take a big chug whenever…

  • Tan tries out the client’s clothes
  • One of the Fab Five stars crying
  • Tan rambles about the French Tuck
  • Cargo shorts or Jean shorts are ridiculed
  • You notice that you’re guilty of wearing something that one of the client in the episode is told never to wear

Finish the rest of your drink during the reveal to conceal the fact that you’re crying too.


Our Queer Eye drinking game is a great way to watch and rewatch this show but always remember to take it easy and never drink to excess. You want to live to see the reveal don’t you? If you wanted to check out more great drinking games to TV shows check out our drinking game database.